Development of Radicle

The Foundation’s board coordinates some of Radicle’s project-wide strategy and objectives, allocating funds towards development that will positively impact the project. While the Foundation supported the development and deployment of the Radicle Network, the Foundation does not own, manage, or control or act as an administrator of the Radicle Network - nor is it responsible for the ongoing operation, running, or functioning of the Radicle Network. The Radicle Network, accessible through various open interfaces, operates in a fully decentralized and autonomous manner – completely independent from the Foundation – and has an opt-in Ethereum protocol integration.

The Radicle Foundation continues to support contributors to Radicle who develop the technical stack and support the growth of the Radicle community.

Accessing Radicle-Link

“Radicle-Link” is a secure, peer-to-peer protocol for code collaboration - and it’s open-sourced. The protocol extends the open source software Git with peer-to-peer network discovery, disseminating software code and Git data via a process called “gossip”. Radicle-Link can be accessed without interacting with Radicle Smart Contracts. At the moment, there are two user interfaces for Radicle-Link: Upstream and a web client.

Accessing Radicle Smart Contracts

Radicle is integrated with Ethereum via its own set of smart contracts, which are used to create and manage identities (ENS names, in particular) as well as organizations (“Orgs”) within the Radicle Network. There are various ways to interact with Radicle’s Ethereum integration, such as those interfaces and access points linked here.